Raw Letters

Hi there. You’ve been gone for several weeks. During that time, I’ve had some time to think, to reflect. I made a list of several things I can do now that you’re back. One is to confront you with something. You told me that you wanted to buy something special to celebrate you being back home. I like the idea, but I still feel you should really be strict with your expenses. Don’t spend money on stuff that is not highly necessary. How can you buy books, clothes, or other things with money that you don’t have? You still owe me money, and there is no rush to pay it back. But I just don’t want you to feel lightly about money. If you really care about me, show it. Be active, try your best at finding a job. Stop buying unnecessary objects, or even tickets to a show or the cinema. Get rid of that debt of yours. By sitting at home day after day you don’t earn my trust. I don’t want a future husband who is too lazy to work, while at the same time enjoying a house to live in, because I am, or mommy and daddy are, paying for it.

I know it sounds harsh. But I need to trust you. It might take a while before I can. But it can definitely be done when I see you trying hard to find a job. Not sitting back when you’ve found something that keeps you busy for a day per week. I just want to trust you. I know I should give you the chance to prove you’re trustworthy, reliable, and hard-working.

Hope I did not ruin your evening. I love you baby. I need you. That’s it.


Hi you. You haven’t ruined my evening, no worries. You’re sharing what you feel and want, and I respect that. I also fully agree with you. I also don’t think I should be doing much of anything besides finding work that pays. That might feel more challenging than I’d like to admit, but it nonetheless is vital and what I have to do. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about your trust in me. I needed to hear that. I will strive to earn it back, for both our sakes, before your patience runs out.




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