A New Day

Remember I tried to dedicate 15 minutes every morning to God  for one week straight? No surprise there that I did not manage to do it every day. What did I do? Well, I did read the Our Daily Bread devotional (http://odb.org/) every day. Sometimes I did so in the train, another day I really took some time to think it through at home. And I’ve come to appreciate spending some quiet time with God more than I did before. Today I happened upon the following video:

Now I really like the method Whitney Meade shares with us for our quiet time: the SOAP method.

Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer.

Decided to try it out straight away this morning with the verse that was highlighted in the Our Daily Bread devotional: 2 Cor. 5:17

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has gone, the new has come.

I’d like to share my brief ‘OAP’, because it was really powerful for me. Way more things came up than I’d expected from just one verse.

O: Something has changed in your life once You’ve come to know Christ. Maybe you think or feel differently. Maybe you behave differently. This is the ‘new’ aspect in your life. From the inside out, you’ve changed, and people will notice this change in you. By being a new creation, you’ve become the light in the world. Christ shines through you!

A: I may have confidence that because I believe in Christ, I have become ‘new’. Something has changed in my life, even though it is hard (or even impossible) to see at the moment. It’s like a seed sprouting. It’s a slow process and it might seem like nothing is happening at all. But I can trust that the new has indeed come and the old (selfish, sinful) nature has gone (been overcome by Christ).

P: Father, I pray for patience and trust in You. That I might be sure of that which I do not yet see: that because I am in Christ, I am a new creation. Thank you.

I feel encouraged, and I know that is what God wants when we read His word. He wants to encourage us and guide us. We have to give Him permission to do so, because He would never force himself on us. So, with renewed energy I plan to use this SOAP method daily to allow God to work his plans in and through me 🙂




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